I have worked professionally as a Domina since 2014, and personally indulged in bdsm and fetish practices over ten years. The choice to take the step over to the professional side came rather easy, but not without a lot of afterthought. It suits me and the way I want to live my life.

From what my slaves explains to me what sets me apart from most other dominas both in Sweden and abroad is my personal touch. And my genuinely sadistic side.

What you get is the genuin me. I am a terrible actress and only do things I like and personally have an interest in performing or testing out. When you first meet me you will probably not think I fit the expected description of a domina. I tend to look both rather cute and innocent, and I am often sweet mannered. As a general rule I don’t care about conforming into any preconceived ideas of how I ought to be, as a dominatrix, as a woman, or otherwise. My absolut greatest and most useful quality for domination and sadism is my above average emphatic ability. I genuinely care for my slaves, and I can read people very well. If you think this means I am not able to subdue you with nothing but submission or fear keeping you down or beating the living shit out of you – you will be in for a nasty surprise.