Prices and Donations

My services are not for free, but as it is with most things – you get what you pay for.

1h – 2500kr – 250 Euro

1.5h – 3500kr – 350 Euro

2h – 4000kr – 400 Euro

Extra hour 1000kr/h – 100Euro/h

Over night session (19-10) – 10,000kr – 1000 Euro


A deposit of 1500kr/150Euro needs to be paid to be able to book a session. For overnight sessions the deposit is 2500kr/250Euro.

As I no longer have a lokale to provide for sessions after I moved to the north of Sweden you need to provide a place for us to be. This can either be in your home, a hotel room, or some other place you can provide.

This also means there will be an extra fee for traveling costs that needs to be payed at the same time as the deposit. The price is a standard fee depending on where I am to travel. An example is 500kr back and forth to Stockholm. If I need to travel so I am not able to travel back the same day you will also need to pay for a hotel for me for the night. This can of course be the same hotel room as where we hold the session if that is where you want it to be. The housing is also needed to be paid as a general fee at the same time as the deposit.